APEX truck crane
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APEX Crane Service - more than just heavy lifting!

Combining our years of experience with truck driving and time on building sites, we offer more than just a pick up and put down service. We make sure that whatever load we are hauling is safely secured for travel, is positioned exactly where you need it when we get on site, and because of the size of our truck, we have a lot more flexibility in exactly where we offload.

This can save hours of labour on building sites as we can get your supplies as close as possible to where they'll be used, meaning you can focus on the work at hand rather than moving bricks, sand, scoria, timber or whatever material you are using from one area of the site to another.

Not only can we get your load where you want it, but we also have flexibility in what we can haul. Our tipping truck capacity means that we can get raw materials (even unbagged) to the right place at the right time - and at the right price!

APEX Crane and Tipping Services

Small enough to get where you need us when you need us - big enough to get your load delivered!